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"They risk a fine of up to 5 million": the bombshell on Fedez, Orita Berti and Achille Lauro

“They risk a fine of up to 5 million”: the bombshell on Fedez, Orita Berti and Achille Lauro

after report KodakunThe Consumers Association announced that the Antitrust has opened a case No. DS2926, and began the necessary investigative activities on the song’s video. MileHidden ads have been reported to Coca Cola. section of videosAnd Orietta Berti and Achille Lauro were one of the most popular Italian radio stations during the summer, and their video clip has been released on social media platforms, live broadcasts and on TV channels dedicated to music. An extraordinary success for a song that many consider to be a true summer catchphrase but now risks being fined for repeatedly passing the soft drink brand in its clip.

In fact, the Codacons specify in their memo that “In the center of the story is not the text of the piece of music which, despite several times referring to the famous drink, falls within freedom of artistic expression and has never been disputed but the video for the song“, because “Did not respect the provisionsAntitrust Accordingly, viewers should be appropriately informed even in music videos about the introduction of trademarks for commercial purposes“.

Consumers Association confirmed that the notice “It is on the official video page of Mile Posted on YouTube“, highlights that”It seems quite insufficient, because the anti-monopoly law on the subject of music videos ordered that it be clarified“.The inclusion of products for advertising purposes in videos and relative annotation is an age-old question that recurs periodically. Codacons noted that to be valid, they must be”Clarify product placement a commercial purposesProvide overlays warning of the presence of trademarks for promotional purposes“.

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The Codacons criticized this severe shortcoming in Mille’s video and highlighted in its memo that “Antitrust would have focused its light on Fedez’s video (feat. Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti) by opening a specific file intended to check for violation of provisions relating to Secret propagandaThe Consumers Association reports that.The authority would have sent specific requests for information to the parties involved, who would now have to respond to the allegations made“.

Hence, the Codacons conclude: “If a violation of the existing provisions relating to consumers are confirmed at the end of the investigation, the directors risk a penalty of up to 5 million euros“.