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They return to their workplace after layoff but can no longer find the company

They return to their workplace after layoff but can no longer find the company

They return to the company to retrieve their personal belongings, but they can no longer find them. And they don’t even find the company. This is what happened to some of the Tessile 2.0 workers in the clothing sector Martina Franca, when they decided to retrieve their personal belongings from their lockers, they went to the headquarters of the textile company and found inside some construction workers working at work, but they found neither the company’s machines nor the company itself.

Not even the workers inside know what happened. The episode was announced by Giordano Fumarola, General Secretary of Filctem Cgil Taranto. “The workers, in layoffs up to December, have already made unpaid monthly payments – he adds – and all thirteen are now finding out that the company they were engaged to under an employment contract no longer exists. It’s gone. Without any contact ».

For a unionist, this is “a great paradox for the sector that is facing its difficulties, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. However, this in no way justifies the company’s decision not only to stop production – notes Filctem’s Secretary – but precisely the structure of the company and above all not to communicate it to the workers. We are aware of the difficulties faced by the sector, but that does not justify this kind of behaviour. With the workers, with whom the process of union disputes has already begun, the union has filed a regular complaint against the company. ”

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