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They attack checking accounts, tampering with the security of our computers

They attack checking accounts, tampering with the security of our computers

There is no limit to what scammers can tackle in order to reach their intended target. fraud.

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In recent months, tricks that occur online. Clarification is a must because it goes to understand A kind of deception, given the circumstances one has lived in for the past year and a half, circumstances that have somehow expanded the network of those who act with the intention of deceiving. The the web It’s now constantly and almost always crowded match Attempts to steal personal information but also money especially from the unfortunate person on duty.

Services DigitalEspecially in terms of the banking sector, they understand the future. keep in mind the previous Various restrictions and prohibitions decide to consider the premise of managing everything in a different way. As a result, many people have approached banking through Banking Home For example, resulting in new products tricks And new scams began to characterize the dynamics of the web and not that.

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Cheating: a game of stealth thieves against unsuspecting victims

Giuseppe Virgilletto, head of digital banking at First National Bank (FNB), recently clarified that his recent scams tricks In short, they have become somewhat more complex. According to the latest complaints received, we no longer have a simple scam Link Vague requests, in fact, to enter our own Banking Home We put our money in the hands of the fraudster.

Today it is possible is being Countering fake companies that contact new customers with the intention of protecting their computers from attacks scammers of every kind. But the real scammers are the merchants who come to it tamper / tamper Some of your computer settings. At this point, under the pretext of protecting you from threats and fraud attempts, they will make sure to gain access to the most sensitive and personal data track it down, a word Giuseppe Virgilletto. What to do, then, is to be careful and follow a few simple rules.

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How to prevent bank fraud

  1. Be careful From the calls that may seem to us sides, by companies that do not convince at all, according to what they say about themselves.
  2. Verify that the antivirus software installed on our system is running the computer And be wary of any attempt to ask for passwords or security codes.
  3. Keep your information private: Never disclose sensitive information such as username, password, card details, and PIN.
  4. Do not share OTP under any circumstances

Few rules they should Banish ruthless predatory scammers.