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These retirees will receive increases of up to €50 on their pension and arrears for 12 months

These retirees will receive increases of up to €50 on their pension and arrears for 12 months

Good news is on the way for Italian retirees. In fact, The amount of pension is expected to rise. The increase in cost of living was higher than the initial ISTAT estimate. For this reason, pensions will be adjusted thanks to the equalization system. At the stage of a serious economic crisis, which could not fail to affect pensioners as well, this news can only be welcomed with pleasure.

These retirees will receive increases of up to €50 on their pension and arrears for 12 months

Every year, ISTAT publishes data on the increase in the cost of living, the so-called inflation. On the basis of this increase, the pension is adjusted as an amount. The problem is that the temporary rate is taken into account to determine the increments. When ISTAT has the final figure on hand, recalculations are made and this recalculation for 2023 will be clearly in favor of the pensioner.

Because the increments are different

Pensioners will receive an increase of up to 50 euros from January 2023. According to current data, in fact, the inflation rate continues to rise. The 1.7% increase in the current cost of living in 2023 would go to 1.9%. It is precisely this that will inevitably lead to an increase in the pension benefits of all Italians. Estimated increase, as now, by an additional 50 euros.

The increase also affects survivors’ pensions. However, in this case, the numbers are lower because it represents an increase of €10. Pensions affected by this indicator by 100% are those between 500 and 2,400 euros. In January 2023, arrears must also be paid with increments. In fact, at the beginning of the year, INPS reassess pensions based on ISTAT . inflation rate It is temporary.

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From the comparison made by the National Institute of Inflation between the provisional and final inflation rate, if the difference is favorable to inflation, the Institute recalculates the arrears. Reassessment is made intermittently according to the amount of the retirement benefit. In fact, 100% reassessment for those receiving treatments totaling €2,062 per month. Equalization of pensions up to 4 times the minimum full transaction.

The National Retirement Institute awards 90% of the inflation rate as a pension increase, up to 5 times the minimum treatment and 75% for those with a higher lump sum. Pensioners closer to the maximum pension limit for the eligible bracket for a full indicator will receive an increase of up to 50 euros.


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