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These are the most beautiful slopes in the world

These are the most beautiful slopes in the world

Christmas is approaching, and with it comes the desire for snowy and icy slopes. If you like ice skating, these are the most beautiful skating rinks in the world.

Now the warm Christmas atmosphere has come. The streets and cities are dressed amid lights and imaginary markets. Now classes have closed restrictions due to the global health emergency, and many are returning to it Travel.

This is also confirmed by the data of the latest research conducted, which shows that Italians are willing to travel again.

If you’re looking for a ski-friendly alternative, we recommend Skiing.

In addition to being one of the favorite winter sports for celebrities, it helps burn calories and keep fit.

If you decide to learn to skate, we suggest you some of the most beautiful skating rinks in the world where you can start taking your first steps on the ice.

Ice skating: These are the most beautiful skating rinks in the world

The limitations of the past few years are now just a distant memory The desire to travel has returned to many Italians.

To make everything more magical Christmas atmosphereto our streets and cities. It doesn’t matter if the rink is natural or artificial, if you want to put on your skates and learn to slide on the ice indoors, we recommend some of the most beautiful skating rinks in the world.

The first ranking for beauty is definitely Haapsalu in Estonia. smallest Estonian citizen It is located about a hundred kilometers from Tallinn. There is a small lake here which freezes so much during the cold season that it becomes a natural ice rink.

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We are talking about the lake Fake Vicwhich offers those who visit it an exciting experience because it provides the possibility Ice skating in the Baltic Sea.

Of course, before ice skating in the Baltic Sea, it is advisable to check the conditions of the rink and the quality of the ice. This experience is recommended for expert skiers and those who are in good health.

Here you can also do cross-country skiing andIce sailing. The rink is open 24 hours a day, free of charge, thanks to the excellent night lighting.

Of particular note is the ice rink in Paris iGrand Palais des Glaces The Ice Palace was built to show the world the great French architecture.

Founded in 1900, it is among the oldest doorways in the world. It retains a unique view from an architectural point of view because it is made entirely of glass and steel but also because it is built close to the Champs-Elysées, which you pass before reaching the track.

During the evening and the opening night of the French track, there are many events and performances by DJs and parties of the same name Why Nocturne.

Ice skating rinks: These are the most beautiful ice skating rinks in the UK

If you find yourself in the UK For the Christmas holidays, you can’t miss the chance to slide down the traditional English skating rinks. In London, every neighborhood has a neighborhood. Among the most beautiful stands out Somerset House Which takes its name from one of the buildings in the city.

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If you are in the south west of the UK in Cornwall you should definitely have a slideEden Project. It is a path surrounded by trees, plants and colored lights.

The trail is also home to two greenhouses where more than 100,000 plants from around the world are grown. In addition to the greenhouses, there is a huge ‘garden’ located outside which is visited all year round, as well as for educational purposes.

The entire structure was constructed in 2004 and hosts around 100,000 skiers each year. The track is accessible to everyone, adults, children and the disabled.

Ice skating rinks: New York and Quebec City both offer these

If you are in this period in America, and in particular in New York You can’t do Journey to Rockefeller Center. One of the most beautiful skating rinks in the world where you can skate especially during the holiday periods from November to January.

It’s not the cheapest rink, but it’s certainly the most beautiful and popular place to skate in New York, located at the foot of the illuminated tree in Rockefeller Plaza.

Another path among the most beautiful paths is Place D’Youville in the heart of Old Quebec Citywhere a unique wall stands and is designated as a UNESCO heritage site.

An hour and a half drive from Quebec City, there are wonderful snow trails in the middle of the forest.