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These 16 Things Should Never Be Plugged Into An Extension Cord Or Power Strip, It’s Dangerous


Having a power strip in the house is a modern necessity, because it allows you to connect multiple devices to one socket, preventing voltage overload.

They are versatile and practical, and are often equipped with on/off switches to reduce power consumption. However, there is one List of devices that should never be connected to these multiple outlets To avoid the risks of overconsumption and potential hazards.

Not all devices are safe.

It is not safe to plug all your appliances into an extension cord, also known as a multi-socket. Overloading these devices, which are often connected to other things at the same time, can lead to fires, short circuits, and other electrical problems. Furthermore, it is essential to use extension cords that comply with the regulations Electricity and Fuel Regulatory Authority (Securities and Exchange Commission).

According to Computer Hoy, a traditional power strip can safely power low-power devices, such as video game consoles, phones, and even tablets. However, it may be possible to connect devices that require more power excess energy sectorThis overload may cause serious accidents such as fires and increased energy consumption.

Items You Should Never Plug Into an Extension Cord

Some appliances, due to their high power consumption, should never be plugged into an extension cord or power strip. These include:

  • microwave:It consumes a lot of energy and can cause overloads.
  • Hair straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons: Generates a lot of heat and consumes a lot of energy.
  • Powerful vacuum cleanersIts high power may overload the extension cord.

    Coffee machinesDespite its small size, its consumption is high.
  • conveyor belt:Requires a secure electrical connection to operate properly.
  • Electric ovens:Requires a lot of energy, like microwave ovens.
  • level:It generates a lot of heat and requires a lot of energy.
  • portable air conditionersThey need a stable and powerful power source.
  • Boilers:Its rapid heating consumes a lot of energy.
  • dishwasherThey consume large amounts of energy and water.
  • HeatersThey have constant consumption which increases the temperature of the wires.
  • Irons for clothes:It consumes a lot of energy, similar to other heating devices.
  • RefrigeratorsIt requires constant and continuous communication.
  • Washers and DryersThey have powerful engines and long cycles.
  • Water heaterIt takes a lot of energy to heat water and keep it hot.
  • Freezers:They require a stable and continuous connection, such as refrigerators.
  • Heating and cooling equipment:Like electric heaters and air conditioners, they require a dedicated electrical connection.
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Safe items to connect to an extension cord

However, not all appliances pose a risk when plugged into an extension cord. Here is a list of appliances that are safe to use:

  • table lampsIt consumes little energy.
  • Chargers for mobile phones and tabletsThey have low energy consumption.
  • laptop:Generally safe, although it consumes more power than phones.
  • Small TVs: Modern models tend to consume less energy.
  • I wake upThey have very low energy consumption.
  • table fans:Relatively low energy consumption
  • small audio devices:such as portable radios and loudspeakers
  • video game console: Modern and relatively energy efficient.
  • small kitchen tools:such as hand blenders and toasters if used intermittently
  • Lucy decorative:Like LED string lights, which consume little energy.
  • battery charger:For devices such as cameras and small electronic devices.
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Final Tip for Using Extension Cords

Electrical engineer Luis Aaron Parra explained, Bio Bio Chile What appliances should never be connected to an extension cord and what precautions should be taken when using them:

Remember that when considering the purchase of electrical products, you should always take into account the actual consumption of each device or object that will be connected, and the total sum of the powers, since extension cords or extension cords are limited by the caliber, length and cable connections at the time of production and certification.

It is important to make sure that your extension cord has a Sufficient capacity To manage the total load of all connected devices. Using extension cords with overload protection and built-in fuses can increase safety. Also, always check the condition of the cable and plugs before connecting any device to avoid danger.

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