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There's very little chance you'll wake up on Mars tomorrow

There’s very little chance you’ll wake up on Mars tomorrow

The multiverse is a concept that we are terribly unfamiliar with. To the famous theoretical physicist Michio KakuIn fact, He likes to make his students calculate the probability that they will wake up on Mars tomorrow. All this, he claims, due to the “whims” of quantum physics and the theory of the multiverse.

Quantum theoryKaku writes,It is based on what is known as Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which allows for a small possibility that we can exist even as far away as Mars.“The physicist writes in the New York Times. Given this principle,”There is very little chance that our quantum wave will make its way through spacetime and end up there.

Subatomic particles according to quantum physics It can exist simultaneously in multiple countries. An electron, for example, can be in several places at the same time. “Devices like transistors, computers, and lasers are all possible because an electron can be, in a sense, in multiple places at the same time.Kaku says.

This fits perfectly with the concept of the multiverseAn essential component of the core study area based on the theory of everything. It’s called string theory, and it’s the focus of my researchThe expert continues.Now, imagine that your living room is filled with waves of all the electrons and atoms vibrating in that space. These waves can indicate alternate realities – ones that contain dinosaurs or aliens, for example – right there in your living room. But it is difficult to interact with them.

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Exactly for this reason There is a small, but uncalculated, possibility that we may wake up on Mars tomorrow. However, when doing this calculation, it turns out that to achieve this we have to wait longer than the age of the universe.