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“There will be six new entrances,” this is who will enter

“There will be six new entrances,” this is who will enter

GF Vip 7 competitors: In the most spy house in Italy Six new “main” characters are about to enter, according to Gabriel Barpiglia. During Casa People, the journalist revealed some background information confirming the new entries.

GF Vip 7 competitors: “There will be six new entries”

Six new contenders are about to enter Italy’s most spying company. Among them may be: Theresa AngelaAnd the Helena Priestess And the Diane Melo. Samara Tramontana spoke about the Brazilian:

I have a lot of moles around Italy. One of those was on the train with Diane Melo Milan Rome. He saw, as she came down, that she was talking on the phone with Alfonso Signorini and was probably talking about a hypothetical return to older brother Phoebe.

Theresa Angela Instead, at these hours he is in Rome and, according to rumors, is about to go into quarantine.

Also space for Helena, a supermodel and former Beijing speed rival side by side Nikita Bellison.

Helena spoke about an interview given by Solly Sorge and Pierpaolo Pritelli Antonino Spinalbesits flame before Big Brother VIP:

Who else do I know about GF Vip? I know Antonio Spinalbes well, even Alberto. Yes, we were photographed before he entered the house. That was our problem… the paparazzi who haven’t left us alone since the first day we met.

So we didn’t really get to know each other because he also has a daughter and he has to protect and protect her and It’s not easy with Beilin. We couldn’t even go to dinner alone, he told me “You don’t understand, I can’t…”. I waited for him and left him in the field but he wasn’t ready. He wasn’t even ready for his daughter who then went out all over the place.