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"There were people like Bonino and Mogherini ...".  Visentini exposed the NGO Panzeri

“There were people like Bonino and Mogherini …”. Visentini exposed the NGO Panzeri

ready to back off, forDeviating from the position and duties of the Secretary-GeneralIn order to provide all necessary clarifications. Luca VisentiniHe was arrested and then released from prison as part of the investigation Qatargate, thus reaffirming his disengagement from the cause that made European institutions tremble. In particular, the trade unionist returned to talk about his ties to the NGO by the former MEP Antonio PanziriThen the investigators asked him to explain. On this point, the General Secretary of the International Workers’ Confederation (Ituc) explained how that NGO was well accredited and had relations with high level personalities.

For this reason, Visentini emphasized, he never doubted “illegal behaviour or immoral“By fighting impunity.”It was a respected NGO advocating for human rights with several high profile personalities on its board of directors such as Denis Mukwege (Nobel Peace Prize), Bernard Cazeneuve (Former French Prime Minister), Emma Bonino (Italian senator), Federica Mogherini (President of the College of Europe, former High Representative of the European Union)The trade unionist argued, in fact by citing noble names from the social and political panorama, from which it is evident how far the organization operates at high levels.

In this regard, it is worth remembering how symbolic oblivion gripped Emma Bonino when the press asked her the name of Panzieri in light of the affair that exploded in Brussels. “I don’t remember him, maybe I met him several times when I was in the European ParliamentBut according to Visentini, the contacts between the political exponent and the former Democratic MP could have conflicted with this type of amnesia.

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As for his position, Visentini stated (not under investigation, we recall): “Money fighting impunity? I accepted it in cash given the quality and non-profit nature of the donor“. Donation received from a non-governmental organization – the syndicalist claimed in a memorandum – “It has not been linked to any attempt to bribe or influence my trade union position in QatarOnce again, General Secretary Etoc continued: “I have not been asked or asked for anything in return for money and no conditions of any kind have been placed on this donation“, which amounted to”An amount less than 50,000 euros“.

Meanwhile, Belgian investigators are trying to clarify the nature of Other donations The suspicions that Panziri would have bestowed upon those who – according to the accusations – could be useful to him. The judges also examine the contents of some wiretaps.