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There might be this seemingly useless thing on your car Nobody knows what it is for

But what good is it if it is not used? Your car may have one really unhelpful thing on the chassis at first glance. That’s why manufacturers do it: it seems useless, but it’s very useful.

We are used to thinking that if it is for a specific product specific component On him, this is definitely crucial to his work. Many cars have something useless that allows manufacturers to solve a very big problem, on an industrial scale: don’t worry, it’s no reason to run to the mechanic to have the car checked!

What is happening? (canva)

Blurred details

Do you know when you buy a product to collect in that very popular Scandinavian store where you can find furniture and household items in general? Like the Swedes They are very farsightedAfter you have finished assembling your bed or wardrobe, you will find that some pieces are left: what seems like a useless thing actually turns out to be a great way to save the day if you miss a component.

This anecdote – which also seems useless – has one purpose, to explain to you that when we talk about big companies billing millions of euros a month, no detail is left to chance. Likewise, something that may not be in your car is eg It won’t affect her at all The performance of your new car proves to be an essential detail to assist the automaker in the production phase!

canva with engine 11_14_2022 offroad world
I wonder if your mechanic is aware of this (Canva)

We work without it

The detail we’re talking about is not a small detail: in fact, it’s your car’s exhaust pipe. No, of course we don’t say that muffler It serves no purpose On the combustion car, let’s explain the concept better: Many modern cars, if you’ve noticed, have a fake exhaust pipe that’s inserted into the bumper when the muffler is actually low, often pointed toward the ground.

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For a few years now, automakers who don’t make electric cars—which don’t need exhausts but we’ll get back to that in a bit—have realized the futility of aligning the muffler with the rear bumper. It is an unnecessary expense and a distraction for the workers who have to assemble the cars in a few hours of their main mission. I’ve already figured out where this rhetoric is going…

Goodbye exhaust

Electric cars, which will soon be the only cars that can be sold legally in Europe, do not need exhaust. In fact, if you see a Tesla near you, you’ll notice They don’t have holes in bumper. Despite this, there are brands like Porsche that give customers the chance to buy an electric car with a fake muffler, a purely aesthetic detail that comes at a significant cost.

Canva muffler 14_11_2022 Off-road world
Even the eye wants its share, don’t you agree? (canva)

speech really It’s totally cheap Because apparently, by avoiding aligning the real car exhaust with the hole in the bumper, manufacturers save hundreds of dollars per unit produced which, starting from the assumption that a car is built in millions of units, entails a very significant saving for the brand.

In short, the hole in your bumper not good In the latest models, it is a simple aesthetic whim so as not to deprive your car of the details that have characterized car design for decades. But with the advent of electricity, even fake silencers are destined to disappear. Sorry but it made progress, don’t blame us.