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“There is no one like him in Europe,” the former Milan player praises Pioli: Exciting

“There is no one like him in Europe,” the former Milan player praises Pioli: Exciting

A historic Rossoneri defender, now a coach, praises the work done by the Parma coach during his years at Milan.

240 matches between you and me This could be the soundtrack to the relationship between Stefano Pioli and Milan, based on a song by a famous Italian singer and songwriter.
Five seasons made up of many very high moments Winning the 2021/22 Italian League title and the 2022/23 Champions League semi-finals And a few low key moments.
Stefano Pioli’s greatest asset is surely his possession Restoring dignity to the club Which was going through the darkest moments of its glorious history.

However, for many, Pioli’s farewell was a liberation, a necessary event in the last few seasons. The farewell that San Siro and its players dedicated to him on the last day of the tournament was exciting, and the admiration that could be read in the eyes of his players and the crying of the children who flocked to San Siro certainly made it a question mark. On this separation.

Another coach who just left Milan after several years in the youth team also spoke about Pioli’s departure: Ignazio Abate, the former Milan full-back and Milan’s former spring coach.

Milan and Abate thank Pioli: “He made me grow”

Speaking on the sidelines of the Maestrelli Cup in Montecatini Terme, Abate made several statements about the award he received, about the years he spent in Milan and finally about Pioli: “I just have to thank himIt was a beautiful couple of years, and I was lucky to be in close contact with him. It made me growWe met a lot and, like never before this year, 5 or 6 of my boys moved into the first team and I’m happy that they helped me. It’s unbelievable, no one in Europe has brought so many of them into the first team on a permanent basis. “I am close to the coach and wish him success in the future.”

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Abate: I have to thank Pioli
Abate gives his opinion on Pioli and the work he has done (lapresse)

What Abate has presented is just the latest expression of appreciation towards a technician who the club often uses as a lightning rod in an almost natural way, unfortunately or fortunately in keeping with his character.
Pioli is exactly what he has proven over these five years, a coach with one quality Attitude to beauty and eleganceeven off the field we think of Parma’s involuntary but habitual “r”, who in positive moments leads his teams to express themselves at their best and which at the same time leads him, in less fortunate phases, to undo himself. Just like Milan did This season in the big matches.