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There is an unexpected surprise for the weekend, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th. The news has now arrived at

Weather: Weekend, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 have unexpected surprises. The news has just arrived.

Weekend weatherThe first weekend of March confirms the general surprise and uncertainty of the approach to spring. Weather patterns oscillate on different solutions: At this point, we should not be ashamed to admit that next weekend’s forecast is still uncertain.

Well, with the latest update, computer centers have come to us with a completely unexpected surprise, coming up with a completely different hypothesis than we feared a few hours ago: that is, offering to enter the north-central part of Italy. Beginning with the center of the cold wind on Friday, March 4, it will remain in this area for at least three days, although without rain (which is strange). The models confirm that there was an obstruction on the way to Algeria.

Currently, it can only be recommended to monitor the situation in the coming days Before planning anything next weekend.
Anyway, there are at least four weather actors involved: one Deep hurricane over Algeria Moving eastward, a Cold air core Stable in central-north ItalyResistance to Azores British Isles and The Arctic ice Russia is only in the north, but is ready to go south (we will probably talk about this again in the forecast). Next week)

What is the most reliable trend for the upcoming weekend now?
Of the day Saturday 5 It can be characterized by rainfall in the southern and middle high Adriatic regions, while in other parts of Italy the sun should dominate, but rather in cold climates, Sunday 6 Bad weather gradually moves towards the Balkans, guaranteeing gradual improvement, with the last rains again in the central Adriatic and southern regions.

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However, in this bizarre environment, we point to the possibility of sudden and unexpected events Afternoon thundershowers in central-north: The presence of a stable hurricane in the central-north may be favorable for this type of situation, especially during hot weather. The subjective aspect of this last note is linked to the experience of a team of meteorologists warning of this event, as opposed to the pure release of a supercomputer. Let’s see who’s right.

In the meantime, we can confirm this word for sure Crazy March, watch the sun and pick up an umbrella“.