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There is a date: when (and why) 5S can leave the government

There is a date: when (and why) 5S can leave the government

Many representatives and most senators are thinking about it Pension Shooting in autumn. The risk of not being able to take advantage of it acts as a brake on the experiments to trigger a government crisis before the end of September: many people will not mature the right to pension, therefore, before implementing a tough punch, parliamentarians reflect. Taking into account their portfolios. In particular, there is a date to bear in mind by which it is difficult to imagine a tear leading to the early end of the legislature.

Date in red

As he writes FreeThose elected to Parliament have marked a specific day in red on their calendars: Saturday September 24. Why is this date so important? It takes on a certain significance as it marks the turning point for getting pension. 4 years, 6 months and one day after the commencement of the legislature, this may be considered as the D day of the legislature as the first term representatives and senators become eligible for pension.

For this reason, strong opposition is expected against the dissolution of councils before September 24. to Sun is 24 hours 427 (68%) are newly elected representatives and 234 (73%) are senators in their first term: they may have a (personal) interest in seeing the legislature continue beyond that date.

Evil voices are especially affecting 5 star operation, born anti-caste and now clinging to the chair. “It’s just plain stupid, because if the rooms are liquidated, you’ll be there anyway in September (if that’s the problem).“However, it is worth considering Gianluca Castaldi Do For Senator Grillino it was “Another argument was only used to hurt the M5S“.

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Also don’t forget Cut of Members of Parliament Will carry considerable weight: With 945 to 600 units passed, there is a risk that many will not return to the chamber. Come September 24, more than a few first-term incumbents can breathe a sigh of relief, but the shadow of a failed re-election in 2023 will still loom.

Giallorossi in danger

Entitlement to pensions is not the only issue slowing the hasty moves. At stake is alliances and even political survival. And it is mainly a discourse about the 5 star movement and its alliance Democratic Party It can explode if you decide to go to the opposition. It will be a tough move for Enrico Letta to digest, as he could block the way for Giuseppe Conte.

In Parliament, the incident is just around the corner: 110% superbonus on the floor, squeezing citizen income, a waste-to-energy plant in Rome, the possibility of sending new weapons to Ukraine. The obstacles are many and you can crash at any time, even accidentally.

At a moment when Conte reflects: He is waiting for a meeting with Mario Draghi on Monday, who wants to understand whether the M5S still has strength in government and whether there is room for negotiations. Draghi has already laid hands: “This will be the last legislative government under which I will be the Prime Minister“And Conte is well aware that without Letta at his side he is politically isolated, lacking the strength to influence the day after the election.