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There is a comet traveling at full speed towards the sun: what will happen when it collides?

A comet traveling at full speed towards the sun: it is the star named Bernardelli-Bernstein from the name of its discoverers and it can collide with the star Earth. What will happen in the event of a collision? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is heading to our solar system (Adobe Stock)

The culprit in question is really giant According to insiders, it is The biggest ever. In fact, it has dimensions that are very similar to those of a dwarf planet, but to answer the above question, according to what Ansa wrote, there will be no danger, especially on Earth, because at the moment of closest approach to the Sun expected exactly ten years later, In 2031, it will be very far from us, beyond the orbit of Saturn.

A comet towards the sun (Photo
Comet towards the Sun: details (Photo

Giant comet Bernardelli-Bernstein, traveling towards the sun: this is what we know

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But why is this comet considered so big? Simply why Its diameter is 155 kilometers, Something far from the norm for objects of this type, and at first it was confused with a dwarf planet during its first appearance, dated 2014, on the occasion of the Des campaign, (Dark Energy Survey), which lasted several years and was devoted to the study of dark energy, that mysterious energy that occupies 75% of our universe is for which scientists still don’t know how to give an answer. Well, during that expedition, very distant cosmic objects were discovered, as many as 400 new “insiders” of the solar system, including Bernardelli-Bernstein: “It looked more real than most things we’ve ever observed” Bernardelli told himself In an interview with, he then added, “It’s very rare to see large comets, because unless they are captured in their first or second path, most of their material disappears along the way.”

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Bernstein Instead, he commented, “This is an extraordinary honor for a cosmologist,” stressing the fact that the star bears his name and that of his colleague: “In fact, we wanted to name the comet Comet DES, like the project, not like the performance of Gary and Pedro but apparently against the rules. During its first appearance, the comet was located in 29 AU, the distance from the Earth to the Sun, coming from 40 thousand AU, and when it is closer to the Sun it will have a distance of 10.97 AU. The comet will not be visible to the naked eye, but according to experts, its passage should be carefully studied because it represents a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the solar system.