Monday, July 22, 2024

There are already 6 games confirmed to arrive this month –


As we’ve seen, Microsoft has skipped the traditional second round of new games in the catalog by far Xbox Game Pass For the last half of December, postpone everything to January 2023the month I’m already in 6 matches confirmedalthough there is no official and full announcement of the additions yet.

So let’s see which games are already confirmed for January 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, platforms and their corresponding release dates:

  • January 19: Persona 3 Portable – Console, PC, Cloud
  • January 19th: Persona 4 Golden – PC console, Cloud
  • January 20: Monster Hunter Rise – Console, PC, Cloud
  • January 31st: Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition – Console, Cloud
  • January 31: Inkulinati – Consul
  • Jan TBD: Roboquest – Console

What’s special is that all of the already known games belong to what should be the second batch of titles expected in January 2023, considering they’re all due in the second half of the month except for Roboquest, which has yet to be released. Announce a specific date.

This means that the file The first wave of titles In January, when it should be available during the first two weeks of the month is not entirely known at the moment.

Recall thatAnnouncing the first upcoming games In the January 2023 Xbox Game Pass catalog, it’s supposed to arrive on Tuesday January 3, 2023, though at this point, having skipped announcing the second half of December 2022, it’s hard to make completely accurate predictions about Microsoft’s software in this regard.


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