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Then the bank must compensate the customer

Then the bank must compensate the customer

Beware of transferring to the current account. In some cases, in fact, the bank must compensate the customer. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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From family obligations, to work-related ones, there are many things to think about. These include management Bank accountWhere we deposit our savings, which in turn are indispensable for covering various expenses. Whether it is a matter of buying goods or services, rather than paying off small debts, on the other hand, sooner or later everyone has to make wire transfer.

process by itself fast and easy Which can be carried out by going to the reference bank or from your home, through one of the many services available online. However, things do not always go as hoped, and it may happen in some cases that you have to deal with some inconveniences. Situations that happen more often than you think, where the bank, in some cases, has to Customer compensation. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Current Account Beware Transferring: In Case of Delay Is the Bank Obligated to Pay Compensation?

When the conversion is done, there is clearly a file money transfer. Precisely for this reason, it is easy to understand how, although it is an easy process, at the same time there are those who have doubts. The latter, in fact, is fed in case The expected amount is not credited to your account.

This checking account holder knows very well, who had to wait more than a month from the order date to see each other Credit 253 thousand euros. A case that caused a state of tension, also given the number, in which the bank was sentenced to compensate the customer for the non-material damage incurred by him.

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This is established by the sentence no. 24643 from Court of Cassation In a judgment dated September 13, 2021. The delay in accreditation, in fact, stems in this case from a bank error, who will now have to pay €5,000 in compensation for the stress and heartache suffered by the account holder.