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The Zenless Zone Zero’s takeovers are impressive, and we’re just talking about mobile.


Zenless Zone Zero has made over $20 million in revenue on mobile week after the official launch: excellent numbers, to which must of course be added those achieved by the game on PC and PlayStation, are still unknown.

The numbers reported by AppMagic seem to confirm another huge success for the free production of Chinese developer miHoYo, which Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail follow. Now it seems she has found the perfect recipe to engage players.

Of course, repeating the profits of the studio’s previous two games will not be easy, especially considering that The extraordinary prosperity of Genshin Impact It happened in the middle of the pandemic, when demand was at its peak.

However, at the moment, the progress looks very similar to that of Honkai: Star Rail, which managed to generate good revenue in its first month. $81 million And to this day it continues to generate very interesting numbers.

the secret of success

Already with 50 million downloads, Zenless Zone Zero generates this revenue thanks to Even the element Present in the experience, which allows you through microtransactions to purchase packs to obtain new content.

In this case, it is possible to open not only Additional characters To add to your collection, with some very attractive transfers, but also upgrades of different types, available for specific resources.

Zenless Zone Zero was welcomed by the international press with excellent reviews and was therefore the protagonist at the start with a bang, thanks to the many pre-registrations: we will see in the coming weeks how far this new free RPG will go and how far it will be able to go.

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