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The worst graphics for PS3 launch games, per Digital Foundry -

The worst graphics for PS3 launch games, per Digital Foundry –

Waiting for detailed and deterministic video analysis of Digital Foundry for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, John Linnemann has already expressed some opinions about Gen 9 games on social media and they are not positive at all. In his opinion, indeed, from a graphic point of view they are Worse than the PS3 launch titles for 2006, although in this case the fault isn’t the Nintendo Switch hardware.

“It surprises me a bit that the latest Pokémon game looks less complete visually than many of the PlayStation 3 launch games in 2006. It’s not the hardware’s fault, I guess it’s fair to say,” Lineneman said in a Twitter post.

The editor reiterated and expanded on this point with a clip posted by the Digital Foundry Twitter account, saying:

“We know Pokémon is one of the most popular IPs in the world, right? (The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak) are making some amazing income from this series. But when you look at their game performance, they’ve been disappointing for years, right? And it was the same earlier this year with Pokémon Legends Arceus,” Lineman said, offering several tweets capturing bugs, glitches, and performance issues that players were experiencing.

Lineman also added that, in some ways, Pokémon Scarlett and Violet are It can be compared to the first Xbox games and that the title’s technical problems could not be justified by the open world structure.

“It amazes me that a mass product like this could hit stores in this state. There are so many graphical issues, there are issues with transitions and camera and cropping, you see things just disappear and then reload before your eyes.” […] It looks dirty and ugly, just like the design of the world. Technically, apart from some aspects, it really looks like a game from 2001. There are games from the first Xbox that are more visually impressive than this one. And yes, the game is on a grand scale, but I don’t think that’s an excuse in this case.”

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s technical problems and lite graphics are the focus of many discussions on the net, with some gameplay videos recorded by users to show the circumstances under which the two games that went viral. Simultaneously emphasizing blockbusters and in the UK they scored the second-best launch ever for the Pokémon series.