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Uno studio ha scoperto che il cancro viene sviluppato da una bevanda che consumiamo spesso

The whole truth about a drink we consume so often. Now there is a study, details »

Cancer: The whole truth about a drink we consume so often. Now there is a study, details

One study found that cancer develops from a drink we drink a lotThe cancerthis terrible enemy that many people struggle against every day to try to eradicate at all costs, will be generated from a substance that many of us ingest almost daily.

We are talking about a drink that is taken regularly and often which, according to recent studies, increases the risk of developing cancer cells: we are talking about alcoholic. To conduct this research many scholarsSeoul University Under the direction of the doctor Jung Eun Yoo Which highlighted a carcinogenic substance called ethanolcontained in alcohol and that Generates damage to both tissue and DNA.

Simply put, when the body processes ethanol, it binds to DNA, which leads to incorrect growth of new cells. The research team came to confirmation thanks to one study Conducted on 4.5 million people using public health data. It has been found that the group of people most at risk are those who consume From 3 or more alcoholic drinks per day.

Therefore, this is a really interesting finding that warns many people who consume alcoholic beverages every day without thinking that they can, in the long run, develop cancer cells. This research will be able to narrow down the scope alcohol consumption? we will see.

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