Monday, July 22, 2024

The whole Pope begins again. That’s why we talk about “after Pergocleo”.


Frequent visitors to nearby environments Vatican During this time he learned how rumors about Pope Francis’ health were spreading among the clergy and others. No official status: Unless proven otherwise, the Pope of Argentina has no ability to undermine his permanence on Peter’s throne.

Jorge Mario Percoglio He has knee pain – yes, the photos in the wheelchair and some of the recently avoided duties prove it – but some insist on being at the foot of the Holy See. Then, through some newspapers, the whole pope was re-launched. This may increase the “conversation” about the future of Peter’s heir – as the Holy Father says.

By an article published by Jean Marie Guenois Le Figaro He also spoke Ambassador, Francis gave the names of the two cardinals vying for Peter’s throne at a time when he (or after Ratzinger) could no longer serve Peter. In a study of the French newspaper, two names are presented: the Italian cardinal and the archbishop of Bologna Matteo Maria Juppe And the Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo. This – which is normal – underscores how “speculative” it can be.

For some years, to give other examples, the name of the cardinal was mentioned Louis Antonio Dougley (More or less the same “current” that Chubby supports) and to the conservative side of Cardinal Robert SarahSermon. Predicting the election of a pope is one of the impossible tasks even by experts.

However, while it is true that Jupiter cannot be trivially defined as a “pioneer”, it is also true that the label “Conservator” cannot be given to Erdo with the same and complete simplicity. But it is clear that the debate will be in the event of two visions to speak, to understand Catholic Church Adequate identification and differentiation. This will, in a way, be the culmination of the theoretical debate we have seen over the past decade. That is why there are those who constantly think that the next Bishop of Rome may be chosen from a collection of cardinals whom we have already had the opportunity to summarize with the phrase “peaceful majority” or “great center.” .

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But Kunois, in addition to the reshuffle of qualified candidates, also gave messages such as holding a summit. Chicago At the end of March. The progressive side of the Catholic Church seems to want to unite, perhaps even talk about Curial logic. It may also suggest, in the context of the story, the immediate nature of an important challenge to overcome. But we handle speculation without any evidence – we say again.

Knew – as we said in the preface – rumors about the health of the Holy Father. There is another question that cannot escape the experts: Jorge Mario Percoglio has already appointed the majority of those sitting in the cardinal meeting. Not only that: Francis had to move on with a new Consistory and thereby create more Cardinals. Does this mean that Pergocleio will inevitably decide until the next pope? No.

This means that the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires will also put a stamp on the people who are invited to represent the Catholic Church.


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