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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

The weekend, the cold vortex between Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of true autumn »

Weather: The weekend, a cold front between Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of true fall awaits us.

Weather forecast for the weekendA true fall weekend awaits with cold and lots of rain. This is the confirmation that comes thanks to the latest updates in view of the first weekend of November. Mediterranean gyre with consequences in many regions between Saturday 5 And Sunday 6.

Already in the next few hours, weather conditions are expected to deteriorate strongly under the pressure of cold currents descending from Northern Europe, which will plunge into the Mediterranean Sea and give life. Cyclone Full of rainfall not seen for a long time.

Here, therefore, comes life The first real disturbance, with autumnal connotations It can trigger heavy rains in many parts of our country. Bad weather strikes Already from Friday 4 Initially extended towards the North and later towards the Center and part of the South By the end of the week, there will be more rain in central and southern areas.
early in the morning Saturday 5 Rain may still affect parts of the northeast, with snow above 1200 meters in the central eastern Alps. Next, eyes on it All over the Mid-South, and on the two main islands where it occurs most strongly Temporary Local flooding due to more energy involved (oceans are still warmer) and due to sharp differences between different air masses.
As our map below shows (purple = storm risk) the areas most at risk will be the middle Adriatic side (Abruzzo, Molise and northern Puglia), as well as the Tyrrhenian sections of Campania, Calabria and Sicily.Heavy rain is expected on Saturday, November 5Heavy rain is expected on Saturday, November 5

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Sunday 6 The hurricane will slowly prepare to leave Italy, although strong unsettled conditions will remain Central-southern Adriatic regions and Sicily (Tyrrhenian Side) Thunderstorms are possible elsewhere (map below).
On the other hand, in the rest of Italy, we will have more and more sunny places thanks to the return of high pressure, although temperatures are expected to drop significantly due to the expected winds from the northern quadrants. .
Early mornings are particularly cold in the northern plains with values ​​of up to 6°C. In short, the place for autumn.Last rain on Sunday 6th NovemberLast rain on Sunday 6th November