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The Webb Telescope frames a unique star to say the least

The Webb Telescope frames a unique star to say the least

Scenes from space: The James Webb Telescope never contradicts itself and frames a star with unique properties. the details.

The starry sky (Image via Pixabay)

research and Investigations On what is happening above our noses they never cease to amaze. Thanks to the big strides forward on the pitch technology And scientific we are able to get more answers toUniverse.

The end of 2021 marks a very important milestone, because telescope outer space James Webb. A high-resolution instrument born out of NASA’s collaboration with the European Space Agency has opened many channels of knowledge for astronomy.

Compared to its predecessor, Hubble, it has the advantage of technology Nothing less than amazing. Thanks for some Precautions It is possible to capture nearly detailed images and block out what may be the greatest interference from the Moon and the Sun.

Discoveries from space: new details appear on a particular star, WR140

One of the latest and most surprising discoveries comes thanks to web telescope Which took some very detailed pictures.

What appeared? The shots scored by the mighty a tool Highlight the presence of some concentric centers about one star. The celestial body in question is located about 5600 light-years away from us and is located in Cygnus constellation.

What impressed scientists the most is brightness From the star and the fact that it is surrounded by a large amount of powders which took the most diverse forms. At the moment, it was not possible to provide further explanations.

According to the previous hypothesis Kind of a researcher nebula about the star – This is one possible explanation. Work continues on the image to provide valid justification.

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That’s not all, because even the red color raised eyebrows: it’s actually not the refraction of the telescope lenses, but the color around the star.