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Previsioni Meteo 13 giugno

The weather here is high temperatures above 33 degrees: here in which areas

Finally, the African anti-cyclone has come into force, definitively defeating the two turbulences that have been in Italy for nearly ten days and giving us a taste of the first summer with temperatures rising sharply with peaks between 32 and 33 degrees in the north: these are the two main weather forecasts For today, Sunday, June 13, according to data from the National Civil Protection Department, the Italian Air Force and meteorologist Mario Giulacci.

Let’s start with the data contained in the official bulletin of National Civil Protection Administration Released late Saturday evening June 12 Valid for use all day Sunday June 13. The map of Italy is completely green and therefore there are no adverse weather or other warnings in the individual territories.

Italian Air Force Weather Service

Let’s see now what is happening in the individual sectors of the country through the data in the official bulletin of the United Arab Emirates weather service Delair forces From June 13

Northern Italy:- Clear or partly cloudy skies over entire quarter except for temporary thickening with possible local showers along bas-reliefs Alps and Prielps And on the Apennine belt.

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Central Italy and Sardinia:- Large sunny areas in all areas of the Center Peninsula and in Sardinia, except for light cloud cover in the late afternoon, with occasional showers, in Marche and Abruzzo.

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Southern Italy and Sicily:- Mainly clear skies with copious peaks of sunshine throughout the quarter. Local cloud cover on the Tyrrhenian coast Calabria and Sicily. During the afternoon hours it is possible to cover the drag in the Apennine belt but in any case in a dry context.

Weather forecast June 13 Video meteorologist Goulace

The min temperature It is increasing sharply, especially in the center and north where peaks of 32 and 33 degrees are expected in some cities of the Po Valley. In the south, Saturday’s June 12th number has been confirmed. The extreme temperatures It is generally increasing in all parts of Italy except for Tuscany where they will be stationary.