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The weakest boss in the game is able to beat all the others, the video proves it -

The weakest boss in the game is able to beat all the others, the video proves it –

elden ring It includes a boss in its tutorial, which is Godric’s Soldier. This is a surprisingly weak enemy of the player, but it should not be underestimated at all. Streamer Skumnut, using mod style, made sure this boss took on everyone else and proved he could (almost) win on his own.

Skumnut made the chief Excitable as a soul Boss using the mod. As you can see from the video at the beginning of the news, the warrior is really strong. He is able to take out a lot of bosses easily. In some cases the player has used some recovery or power-ups to lend a helping hand to a Godrick soldier, but generally the summon is able to take care of the alternate boss while the player watches.

The match was made in NG + 6 Skumnut mentions at the beginning of the video that he probably should have switched directly to NG+7 to increase the difficulty. In Rennala’s case, the player had to reach out to summon because the AI ​​couldn’t tell which enemies to hit and the creatures seemed to distract the AI ​​endlessly.

it is clear that Soldier’s stats They’re supposed to be these enemies, not a summon: This isn’t an official Elden Ring feature, so you can’t judge how “balanced” the game is, but it’s an interesting curiosity.

If you like special challenges, here is a video showing you defeating 163 Elden Ring bosses in one fell swoop.

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