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The US government gave it to Ricardo Jangelmi Regionline-Telerezio - Latest News

The US government gave it to Ricardo Jangelmi Regionline-Telerezio – Latest News

Reggio Emilia – Art production of the regio area Ricardo Jangelmi, Until the first and only date LEGO Certified Expert Of the 19 in Italy and the world, no showed signs of slowing down.

This time the call came directly from the US State Department at the headquarters of the company he founded at Regio Emilia, a division that designs and manufactures models, mosaics and sculptures in Lego bricks: demand 1: 2 scale realization Rover diligently In Lego bricks. In the foothills, this year marks the 200th anniversary of the opening of the first US diplomatic mission in Morocco. “It’s an incredible feeling – Ricardo said – definitely one of the most important and satisfying of my entire career.”

Faithful reproduction in the rover Lego of diligence that visited Mars in 2020

By simply using the 3D images of the rover that explored Mars published on the NASA website, the Lego copy was 90% freehand. To build it, 400 hours of work was required, and the staff of four persons assembled 110 thousand bricks to carry out the project, which weighed about 200 kg.

During design, a discussion with the NASA scientist responsible for the mission is also important. The rover will open in Rabat in June at the prestigious “Off Voice & Stone” exhibition, then travel to Casablanca and finally land in the state capital, Washington. Through this commission, the Americans wanted to pay homage to Morocco Kamal Otriri, NASA Team Leader and Project Leader for Perseverance.

The real rover operating on the Red Planet