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The uprising of the governors of the south after the establishment of self-rule – Politics


Italian regional governors from various political parties comment on Calderoli’s draft law, which was approved last night in the Council by a majority of 172 votes, 99 no, and one abstention.

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Luca Zaia H Attilio FontanaThey rejoiced: “Autonomy is the law! Today the history of this country was made! It is the dawn of a historic day!” Zaya wrote on Facebook. Accordingly, it is “a great sign of democratic respect towards the people. Our thoughts go out to the 2,273,000 Venetians who, regardless of their political affiliations, went to vote for autonomy on October 22, 2017. A united and cohesive army that gives us strength day after day to move forward.” In reform.

After thanking Minister Roberto Calderoli “who worked hard,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni “who kept his promise,” and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini “for their political support for the project from the beginning,” Zaia reiterated that “Italy will move, gradually and respectfully, toward a management model.” Which has been successfully adopted by many major European countries and internationally. The goal will be to combat inequality and increase the convergence of institutions with citizens. Its subsequent publication begins a journey that will see the commitment of each of us to formulate individual agreements, making the most of the real effectiveness of differentiated autonomy, with the agreements between the state and the territories that they wish to request, responsibly, and he concludes his speech with the ruling. Self.

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For Fontana, this is “extraordinary news for Lombardy and for the Lombards who, seven years ago, clearly and clearly expressed their desire to go in this direction” through a referendum. “With autonomy, we will have more skills in different subjects and we will be able to confirm our administrative capacity, making our region stronger – explains Fontana on social media.” “We can say that the constitution has won, Italy has won,” Fontana added, explaining that “as soon as the law is passed, we are ready to send requests to the government. Certainly regarding two important topics: health and the environment” and then. Some others.

“I do not know whether the minimal electoral advantages that the center-right will enjoy in the north will offset the opposition and concerns that the center-right voters have in the south. This rule needs to be further explored and discussed. To be done in a calm manner: I understand the reasons of the Forza Italia deputies from Calabria – Francesco Cannizzaro, Giuseppe Mangilafiori and Giovanni Arrozzolo – who decided not to vote for this law, it was their choice, and I agree that the national center-right has made a mistake, and they will soon realize it.” he said that Roberto Occhiotto, President of Calabria.

“No, it is not a fairer Italy nor a stronger Italy, it is an Italy in danger.” he said that Governor of Campania, Vincenzo di Luca Commenting on the words that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni introduced to the country after agreeing to autonomy last night. “The government – said De Luca – was in a hurry tonight, you know they are suffering from insomnia. They did not know what to do tonight and agreed to this decree.”

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“We continue to stress” that differentiated autonomy “can only be a factor in rebalancing the regions, an intervention in reducing infrastructure gaps. We also share the doubts already expressed by some advocates of Forza Italia, such as the Governor of Calabria, Occhiuto, “In order to speed up the legislative process, when this text could have been further improved.” Thus, in a note, President of the Basilicata region, Vito Bardi

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