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The update will allow you to remove the sound when the console starts -

The update will allow you to remove the sound when the console starts –

It seems to be a fairly widespread request from users Xbox Series X | s Both of the possibility Remove the sound that is heard when the console is startedwhen the Xbox logo appears for a few seconds before the dashboard arrives.

This is a very short animation, but in fact the accompanying sound effect has a stretch very big size Compared to the console’s basic settings, so it’s possible that many will have to run to the remote to turn the volume down in a hurry if they turn on the console at inappropriate times.

In short, it doesn’t seem like a terrible problem, but Microsoft is studying it solution For this: it is an additional option included in the custom audio system.

Users who are part of the Xbox Insider Program should soon be able to access this option, which allows Xbox Series X to be silenced | S from start.

Basically, this goes to the general settings, select the “Audio volume and output” section and go to “Additional options”. Within these, there should be an option to remove the startup sound, which should be made available to everyone with one of the following official updates for the console system software.

In the meantime, we’ve seen the September update and many new features that this brought, such as the ability to change the color of the Xbox Elite Series 2 console, reorganization of the game library, and many new options such as default settings.. on installation paths.

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