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The United States wins the unprecedented four-wheel drive hybrid SUV from Fallon. Swede’s victory in the mixed sprint team

The final day of the 2021/2022 CdM Cross-country Skiing saw the emergence of the two new competition formats. The 4×5 km mixed relay saw the United States outperform Finalndia and Norway I; 6 Good place for Italy. In the mixed sprint team, on the other hand, Sweden won the first race in history like this, ahead of Norway 2 and Norway 1; The blue couple closes at the foot of the platform.

Sunday March 13th at 14:25

First day in Falun, where the 2021/2022 Cross-Country World Cup is officially concluded today. There were the emergence of two new racing formats: the 4×5 km mixed relay and the mixed sprint team.

The USA won the 4x5km ATV, and Jesse Diggins pulled it to success, with a solitary act that separated Krista Barmakowski on the final crawler. Victory for Americans (Brennan-Kettersson-Patterson-Deggins), second place Finland (Kertu Niskanen-Hevarinen-Ivo Niskanen-Barmakowski), Norway first (Heidi Wing Holland-Tunseth-Johaug) closes the podium, with Therese Gohoge deciding to give himself a podium The latest coronation in the last chapter of his extraordinary career, after the success he had yesterday in the 10 km TL.

The last sixth place is for the blue team, composed of Lucia Scardini, Francesco Di Fabiani, Giandomenico Salvadori and Katerina Ganz. Italy closed with a delay of “29” from the United States, opposing the good performance in general, especially in the central two quarters.

Expectations were respected in the mixed sprint team, as Sweden won their first historic race like this on their own ice. Clearly the unstoppable Jonna Sundling with Calle Halfvarsson separated the Norwegian pairs, winning by a margin of over ’10. Second place for Norway II (Tiril Weng-Nyenget), which took place by a few cents over Norway I (Lotta) Wing Amundsen.

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Disappointed France, Switzerland and Slovenia, all of which are in the top ten, thus got rid of lap after lap under the regulation of this new format.

Amaro is fourth for Italy, competing with the pair of Federico Pellegrino and Nicole Monsorno. The duo Azzurri finished ‘7’ off the podium, but the performance is still very encouraging, both for the first time they have competed like this, and for the level expressed by Nicole Monsorno, who may in the future become a reference point. For sprint races in Italian skiing.

And so ends the 2021/2022 Cross-Country Ski World Cup, which has unfortunately been marred by the many canceled races and by additional sporting reasons (Covid, Russia-Ukrainian conflict) that have dominated most of the season. The hope is that the FIS can improve some points in the calendar and regulations, so that the discipline does not lose its credibility in the winter sports jigsaw.