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The United States Senate has passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent

US Senate Tuesday has agreed A bill plans to make daylight saving time permanent from November 2023. Daylight saving time is “daylight saving time”, i.e., adopted by countries between March and October, the period of the year when the light hours are the most (hours are moved forward by an hour) One): It allows you to make more use of sunlight and thus save electricity consumption. It started in the US on Sunday, March 13, while it will start in Italy on March 27.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, one of the signatories to the bill, commented on the Senate’s approval, saying, “I know this is not the most important issue facing America right now, but it is one of those issues where there is broad consensus.” For the law to enter into force, it must also be approved by the House of Representatives and subsequently signed by President Joe Biden, who has not yet expressed an opinion on the matter.

The possibility of using only one schedule during the year and not changing it every six months has been discussed for some time. Both daylight saving and winter time are conventions that have been adopted over the years to meet the needs of different countries.

For geographical reasons, there are countries where summer is more favorable, such as the states of southern Europe, which are located halfway between the North Pole and the equator. Here the length of the days does not differ much between summer and winter, and going forward by an hour, thus, makes the days longer, but not in such a way that the light is late in the evening. On the other hand, in the countries of Northern Europe, the summer days themselves are very expansive, because they are closer to the North Pole: DST highlights an already existing phenomenon (and results in very low energy savings).

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