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The United States receives மில்லியன் 4 million from the anti-Govt program: it spends on travel and supercars


In California, a 38-year-old businessman received more than $ 5 million from a “payment protection plan” to help companies struggling with an epidemic, but he spent it only on his hobby: Arrested, to be tried by a federal grant referee

He appeared to be one of the most affected American entrepreneurs by Govit-19, to the extent that he joined the “Payroll Protection Program” with the aim of helping companies in trouble with the epidemic. But, as New York Times, Mustafa Kadri, 38, arrested for embezzlement against US Federal Reserve Bank and other figures (four for bank fraud, six for bad identity theft and six for money laundering), after using more than $ 5 million – more than மில்லியன் 4 million – obtained between May 2020 and 2021 By the state. With this amount, the entrepreneur bought one Lamborghini Aventador S. A Ferrari 458 Italia from 2018, 2011 and one Bentley Continental GT Coupe 2020.

Request for three different banks

Irwin California attorneys for Orange County said. And not just buying three super cars. Because the 38-year-old, who will be judged by a federal giant arbitral tribunal, allowed several “luxury vacations” that were banned by the U.S. program. How were the entrepreneurs able to get this amount? With the intention of helping the four California companies affiliated with him, they failed to do so by soliciting funds from three different banks. To this end, he not only provided fraudulent information about the company and bank records with false accounts, but was also falsely identified for using a name other than his own and a Social Security number when signing program documents.

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