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The United States and the White House are split over Trump's removal of taxes from China to control inflation

The United States and the White House are split over Trump’s removal of taxes from China to control inflation

Milan – The White House is debating whether to remove some of the taxes imposed on China during Trump’s presidency in an effort to reduce imports from certain commodities that weigh on the general trend of inflation. The most pressing issue for President Joe Biden, Struggling with the recession – even if justified by extraordinary factors that should not be repeated in the second quarter of the year – and in the grip of prices: the combination that put him in serious trouble in the run-up to the midterm elections, for which Americans risk punishing Democrats.

According to the reconstruction AxiosOne card on the US administration’s deck is to offer certain exemptions for certain product types, which are “big again” in Trump’s plan to evade taxes imposed by Trump in August 2019 for a total of $ 300 billion worth of goods, and in particular to pledge Chinese purchases of more agricultural products made in the United States. In response to non-fulfillment.

But the other assessment is that this choice risks maintaining the “tough” line that Pitney maintains towards Beijing: Proponents of this tax believe that it is not customary to relax customs duties until you get anything. Return. The newspaper portrays the conflict as a link between treasury pundits, with Secretary-General Janet Yellen, former central bank chairman and National Security Council “hawks” wanting to put more pressure on China. There were no official comments from either side.

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However, to open the debate clearly, he wondered if the words of Taleep Singh, the architect of sanctions on Russia in Biden’s group, and whether he had special duties in ordering some products, made sense. Such as “bicycles, clothes or underwear”. Speaking to Bloomberg, Yellen said the treasury is a reflection that needs to be kept in mind. Some executives who pointed this out at the White House are positions they don’t like. The debate has begun between economists and political representatives, and at a very subtle moment when China’s position on the conflict in Ukraine is being sharply criticized by Washington, these reports have aired sanctions against Moscow for indirect support, while accusing it from the other side. Come to NATO everyday.