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The unique Lancia Delta model in the world: that’s how Gianni Agnelli wanted it

The unique Lancia Delta model in the world: that’s how Gianni Agnelli wanted it

An attorney can obtain any type of vehicle. From Lancia he obtained an exclusive example of the Delta. seeing is believing.

We do not discover the power of Gianni Agnelli in the car brands he owned in his vast economic empire today. The scion of the Piedmont family has managed to continue Italian dominance in the four-wheel drive sector with revolutionary ideas. Ferrari honored him with a white Testarossa in a convertible version, but It will be hard for you to believe the design that the Lancia brand has gifted you.

Gianni Agnelli chose his very own Delta (Ansa)

The Delta was named Car of the Year in 1980, becoming the undisputed queen of rally competitions. The car from Torino has achieved impressive numbers for 13 yearsthe. To date, the Delta is the second best-selling model in Lancia’s history With production of 776,970 units, including 525,231 models of the first series, 138,980 models of the second generation and 112,759 models of the third series.

Obviously, it was the first generation that drove fans and even the lawyer crazy. In Italy, at that time, rallies were very popular and Delta was able to put on a show, winning titles in a row. At the time, it boasted futuristic solutions, thanks to MacPherson strut front and independent rear suspension. The front and rear bumpers are made of reinforced polyester resin With fiberglass, but it was the beating heart under the hood that gave purists shivers.

Gianni Agnelli’s Lancia Delta

“I want a Delta convertible to go to St. Moritz!” began Gianni Agnelli with this sentence addressed to the specialists of the Piedmontese brand. It was a cold winter’s day in 1992, but the lawyer was already looking forward. Take a look at Gianni Agnelli’s old house. Gavino Rodolfo Rossi, head of the bodywork team, then head of the paint department and director for several years, and since February 1, 2001 director and director of the “Carlo Pescaretti di Rovia” National Automobile Museum in Turin, He decided to comply with Gianni Agnelli’s wishes.

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The four-door classic has been converted into a two-door convertible. The open car was gray with a blue cloth top, leather interior and a 250 hp 2.0-litre turbo engine. A beast that requires 6 months of work. The lawyer loved to feel the wind in his hair and insisted on being allowed to travel under the open sky to St. Moritz On board Delta Convertible.

In the video above uploaded by the DeltaTheLegendVideos YouTube channel, you can see it in great detail, and it is preserved in the museum. On an aesthetic level, the traditional version might be more harmonious, but only Gianni Agnelli could be happy with the open model.