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The U.S. Capitol was surrounded due to a security incident – the policeman died

Neighboring countries The building was besieged

U.S. Car police officers – police officer and driver killed in Capitol

The first photos showed an obstacle driven car

The first photos showed an obstacle driven car

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Again, Capitol is the target of an attack: a driver in Washington attacks police officers and then wants to wreak havoc with a knife. He is detained and killed. A policeman dies.

D.Three months after the devastating storm on Capitol, another serious incident occurred at the US Congress headquarters: two police officers collided with a car near a building Friday, killing one officer, police said. The driver of the car was killed by police officers. Investigators found no evidence of a terrorist background.

According to the information, the driver broke a safety barrier and collided with a barrier. Officers injured in the operation were taken to hospital. “One of our colleagues died of his injuries,” Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pitman later told a news conference.

He also confirmed media reports that the driver of the car had been killed. He first wounded two police officers with his car and then left, armed with a knife – shot dead by police.

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Flags were half-hoisted in the United States on the orders of President Joe Biden. Biden said it was a sign of respect for victims at work and by the Capitol Police. The flag arrangement will therefore apply to the White House, all public buildings and military facilities and to US embassies and consulates worldwide until Tuesday. Biden said he and his wife, Jill, were “heartbroken” about the attack. He will be informed of the status of the investigation. The President expressed his condolences to the family of the slain officer.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, chair of the House of Representatives, described the slain officer as “a martyr for our democracy.” Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McCann also expressed condolences to Evans’ family. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, “Events like this are a reminder of the courage and talent of defense professionals and our shared commitment to protecting this great country and its institutions.”

There is no information about the possible purpose

Pitman did not provide any information on the identity or possible motive of the perpetrator. Everything he said he had not yet been noticed by the police. According to Washington Police Chief Robert Conte, investigators did not consider the terrorist background. “It does not appear to have anything to do with terrorism, but of course we have not yet closely investigated the matter.”

According to media reports, US President Joe Biden, who is spending the Easter weekend at his Camp David country garden, was informed of the incident. In a statement he was “shocked” and ordered the flags of federal buildings to be raised to half mast.

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The Capitol was completely cordoned off immediately after the attack on police officers. All members of Congress and staff, most of whom were already on Easter break, received a warning just after 1:00 pm local time (7:00 pm CEST). It said it could not enter or leave the building for the time being. People in the building should not go to the window. “If you’re out, take shelter.” The warning was then removed.

Security has been tightened around the US Congress seat since Hurricane Capital struck on January 6. At the time, radical supporters of former US President Donald Trump attacked the Congress building. A total of five people were killed during the riots in the US capital.

Allegations of “inciting riots” were launched against Trump, but failed in the US Senate. In addition, more than 300 people have now been charged in connection with the attack.

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