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The turnout is declining.  The parties are breaking the electoral peace

The turnout is declining. The parties are breaking the electoral peace

Voting activities on the peninsula have been slow. In fact, at 11pm, despite an almost systematic breach of the electoral peace, turnout in the 1,153 municipalities stood at an average of 41.6%. With a sharp decline compared to the 61.5% recorded in 2016 (however, we voted on the same day) compared to the vote for MPs ’cut a year ago, we were waiting for those who decided to vote this above all else. Today, polling stations are open until 3 p.m.

Voting, big cities

A widespread trend across the peninsula, but especially true in the five major cities to vote for. At 11pm between Rome, Naples, Milan, Bologna and Turin, all provincial capitals recorded lower numbers than the national average, compared to the 2020 referendum. 50% is recorded.
In the capital, despite 22 candidates for mayor, it stood at 36.8% (five points below the national average for municipalities). But the average city should be taken with the springs, because Municipality II (going from Baroli to Salario-Trieste) recorded strong voting, while seats in the suburbs of VI (Dor Bella Monaca) were half empty. Good turnout in the center, 1st Town Hall (30.4% at 7pm city average 29% at that time), 3rd Town Hall – Montesro – 31.2% and 8th Town Hall – Cordadella – 31st, 4%. On the other hand, municipalities VI and X are declining the most favorable for rays in 2016.
On the other hand, the numbers registered in Latin were up from 46.1 at 11pm.

Of the larger cities in the ballot, Naples performed worse than Rome. For the election of the heir of the De Magistrates, in fact, 33.7% of the citizens rushed to the polls at 11pm last night. In Bologna, joint candidate Pd-M5s Lepore (similar to Manfredi in Naples) expects victory in the first round, with 35.2% of the vote. Placed at 36.5% of the Tour. The highest number came from Milan: 37.8% of the electorate at 11pm, by comparison34.3% of the vote in 2020.
Return to the capital, but before the House of Representatives election, at 11pm at Rome-Primavalle College, turnout was 33.5% (same seat for administration). At Tuscan Abruzzo-Siena College, on the other hand, P.D. Enrico Letta is also a candidate for secretary, with 25.6% of the electorate.
Finally, 30.9% of the electorate voted in favor of renewing the Calabrian Regional Summit.

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Election peace

Yesterday, however, there was no call for the election silence he had. In fact, in the age of social networking – which was never restricted in this sense – its violation was almost systematic. So controversy is inevitable.
However, to make people discuss more than anyone else, it was a traditional mini-meeting developed by Silvio Berlusconi, net of several interventions in the Ponte del Industria fire in Rome, and he enjoyed his own way with the journalists who came to Milan, after voting for the Milanese municipality when he left the seat via Rufini. He first took control of the federation with Lega (“we did not set it aside” but said “to extend it to the Fdi” to win) and then he theorized a new PDL. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. This or that party leader, instead of democratic elections, we will have to change the system next time. Georgia Meloni, on the other hand, stressed the need to respond to the investigation into the “black lobby” inside the FDI on the first day of voting, choosing a long message, mainly for integrated networks on all social channels. He said there was nothing to be “ashamed of” because “a whole circus table read what happened”.
But the chapters have chased each other in all the cities to vote. In Beijing, M5S mayoral candidate Valentina Sanga has been accused of arson (Beatmondis Grillini activists have posted a photo of Naples Dominico Mascieri, candidate Naples Dominico Musciari, who posted a late-night reception on Facebook in support of Pasolino.
But similar cases have also been reported in Cosenza (two candidates for some posts on Facebook have revealed that they will soon be denouncing each other) and in Salerno, the owner denounces pressure on a co-operative employee, near the list of Naples’ outgoing mayor.