Saturday, July 20, 2024

The truth about weather and heat. Sotocorona: “Averages don’t last”, what awaits us


During the connection of the coffee break, La7’s morning show dealing with current affairs, meteorologist Paulo Sotocorona explains the climate we will encounter in the coming days and during the summer. Will temperatures go above average? Scorching heat awaits us? Sottocorona invites you to read the data with the right lens: “Averages you’re always higher or lower. You’re never average, the least likely to be seasonal averages.” And the temperature is rising above average in this situation”.

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The La7 meteorologist tells us about the weekend: “Not much to say about the weather. On the main islands and on the Tyrrhenian side it will be 34-35 or even 36 degrees and we will stop there. It is a normal fluctuation of summer”. Paolo Sotocorona concludes that it is a mistake to pay too much attention to seasonal climate averages, because “it is obvious that when everything is going well temperatures are above average and when it rains they drop below. We don’t stick to averages, they don’t hold up anyway”.

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