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The Triuggio Marching Band flies to the US for a 2023 tour

The Triuggio Marching Band flies to the US for a 2023 tour

The Triuggio Marching Band is ready to fly to America. The trio will depart for California on Monday, December 26. The first stop on the tour is San Francisco The parade formation will reach the Los Angeles area, where musicians are expected for three performances: The first was Band Fest at the Rose Bowl in PasadenaOr the American football stadium that hosted the 1984 Olympics, the second A Disneyland And third Rose Parade 2023. A march is planned Monday, January 2Planned on the way Over 700,000 visitors. The eight-kilometer route will be performed continuously for two hours through the streets of Pasadena. Live telecasts of the event have exceeded 30 million viewers in the past.

The Direggio Marching Band is ready to fly to America, the only Europeans

«About twenty bands were invited, and we were the only ones from Europe – he underlined Paul ColumbusDrum Major and Musical Director of Formation – There will be bands from all over the world, some with hundreds of players. It would be nice to deal with big facts like this».

About sixty performers, including soldiers and color guards, will be there to raise the name of Trioggio in Pasadena, Los Angeles County. In addition to Colombo, everything is coordinated by his wife, Graciella Corbo, who is the president of the association and in charge of the choreography.

«We are very happy with friends of Rowellaska Drummers with us and about ten children who followed our school programs. – More Colombo – We are very excited and agitated because the system is not easy».

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Triugeo Marching Band at Monza in November

The Triuggio Marching Band is set to fly to the U.S., having already been called back to the Rose Parade two years ago because of the pandemic.

The Triageo Marching Band had already been invited to the Rose Parade two years earlier, but the pandemic forced musicians from Triageo to turn down the invitation.. Now, however, everything is ready for departure: on June 12, through 11 September 2001, in a ceremony at the Civic Hall, the association received the flag of the event from the hands of Amy Wainscott, president of the Torneo delle Rose. The Triuggio Marching Band was the first Italian band to be selected for the Rose Parade, and the first band to march in a Walt Disney theme park.
«We have prepared the most Italian talent – Closing Colombo – Full of rehearsals over the last six months, the show is based on the music of “Volare”, “O sole mio” and “Nessun dorma”.».