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The third dose, for those who have performed ASTRAZENECA, there is an important thing to know »

Vaccine: Third dose, for those treated with AstraZeneca there is something important to know

The third dose, for those who made AstraZeneca there is newsThird doses of COVID vaccine continue to boom. The Minister of Health, in accordance with Scientific Technical Committee, gave the go-ahead for administration 150 days after the last withdrawal, and thus 5 months later.
But for those who made a coronavirus vaccine with AstraZenecaAnd What is happening?

For the third dose, as reported by the newspaper Republic, only mRna and sera are administered There is no problem in combining these types of booster vaccines.
The virologist explained it Fabrizio BrigliascoLecturer at Milan State University. In essence, therefore, Who performed AstraZeneca with the first and second dosesAnd The third is managed by Pfizer or Moderna.
“The third dose of Pfizer is complete, Moderna’s dose is done with a half dose, but there is no problem to do one or the other depending on availability. For those who made AstraZeneca, the recall will be permanent and only with mRna vaccine because at the moment in Italy there is this type of vaccine And that’s okay because heterogeneous grafting has a very intense result.” The expert explained.

How to book the third dose? From November 25, even those 40 years old can be revaccinated. In the He walks, in a Calabria and in Abruzzo An appointment can be made through the Italian Post Office website or through the call center. in a Emilia Romagna You can contact the individual regional reservation center, while in Lazio You go through the platform area. Ditto for Molise NS Piedmont, which has dedicated sites, plus Lombardy (In this case it is always managed by Poste Italiane).
in a Friuli Venezia Giulia There are mugs or a private call center, While they are in Liguria and Puglia and in the provinces of Trento and Bolzano Dedicated portals have been provided to users. in a Sicily NS Sardinia It is possible to use the Poste Italiane portal, while you are in Umbria NS Tuscany There are regional platforms.

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There are also areas where this may be possible Receive the third dose of the COVID vaccine as soon as you go to the vaccination centers without any reservation. No reservation even in BasilicataIt is enough to go to the centers with the health card or contact the family doctor (if he joined the initiative). in a Apulia It is possible to get an extra dose of the vaccine even if it is also present in this case without reservationAt one of the vaccination centers on the days and times mentioned in the calendar.