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The Supreme Court has quashed the release of Simon Ugeti, the former mayor of Lodi. Now the biz appeal process


There Cassation Lodi’s former mayor’s sentence postponed to May 25, 2021. Simon Uketti Was Was releasedOn appeal in Milan, from charge Trouble Auction, Competed in the competition. So the appeal process for the former mayor and some co-defendants is biz Start it all over again Based on the reasons for the cancellation. Ugeti was arrested that day May 3, 2016 And Sentence, in the first instance, a 10 months Imprisonment. Allegations related to tender for management Two swimming pools Lodi’s findings. Former mayor He was later acquitted on appeal with the formula of why Not true.

After his release in May 2021, the unity of all parties over the former mayor was provoked. Political forces strongly condemn former Lombard executive (M5s And League First) was forced to apologize publicly. The excuses in particular caused a stir Luigi de MayoThe foreign minister, who at the time was the charismatic leader of the 5 Star movement, was a “Media Pillar “ Powered by Election reasonsIn the ways that were “Cruel and inappropriate”. It received the applause of its new leader, the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte. Then came even Matteo Salvini to mea culpa. Uggetti, for its part, accused the media of being a media investigation. In particular, he was angry at her Daily factThat He released his statements to state prosecutors 2016 From prison San Vittor.

“We are paying attention and now we are waiting Reasons. We will then continue this fight and forward our demands to the new division of the Court of Appeal, which will look at the legal principles on which the sentence reform court has decided, he comments.Adnkronos Attorney Pietro Gabriel Roveda, Defender of Uketi. “We are sure Disappointment“, Uketti” adds a lawyer who is clearly known Disappointment And a little too TiredIt’s been six years, and it’s not over yet, and it will take some time. ” “Unfortunately – the lawyer notices Roveda – Italian justice also passes Long timeI must say that the cases of this Supreme Court are extraordinary ShortIt should always be like this, otherwise one will think wrong ”.

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The legal case of Simon UkettiFormer mayor of the Democratic Party, started March 2016. A Lodi municipal employee has lodged a complaint Financial Police, Said they were under undue pressure to sew a tender. Beneficiary, he said, was the investor Game LodiThe mayor wanted to hand over the administration Two Outdoor swimming pools. Katarina Uke, The official who condemned the former mayor, is the head of the municipality’s sports, tourism and promotion department. The announcement that he should have completed six years of management of the two plants was estimated between revenues 300 EI 400 thousand euros YearTotal More than two million Throughout the period. In pre-trial detention, the trial judge Isabella Siriago The employee was reported to have “one victim” Decisive interruption Of the mayor. “Then ProtestedUggè was assigned to another position and the training was handed over to a colleague FurtherLoyal“The administration has no authority over the game. Computer traces Purchase process, paid for Sporting Lodge on April 2nd 7,500 euros per year.

After the arrest, Ugeti passed away 10 days Inside In prison. And then I. to him Residence, Meanwhile he had decided to answer questions from lawyers. A Democratic spokesman confirmed it Reconstruction For the lawyer but insisted: “I did this for the good of the city, not for interest. I was impressed by this story. He apologized in his last city council and resigned. Troubles That these are in weeks and months System Department of Justice“.

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There Milan State Attorney’s Office However he appealed to the Court of Cassation Deactivate Sentence of release. Among the reasons that led to the appeal, Pg challenged the broad interpretation given by the court to section 353 of the Criminal Code, saying that all precedents of the judiciary are always guilty. ” DangerThe “and no” of the event. In the case, things He was acquitted on appeal by a Milan court Trouble No disturbance to the peace of the race will occur in the presence of, because even an injury, possibly, is necessary for economic purposes Public administration And can participate in the tender in the interest of private individuals “. In this particular case, according to the second section, this” necessary and possible injury “would not have occurred. Authorized person Milan’s general behavior was rival to the accused, starting with one’s initial communication Draft Of Call for tenders To the director of the investor company who later became the winner, they were anyway Violated Rule, regardless of the probabilities of compatibility with the benefits of the consequences Common Off Praise.


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