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The Sun’s magnetic field reverses: what will happen to Earth?


What happens to the sun during the period of maximum activity. From sunspots to the study of magnetic fields: here are the consequences for Earth.

Solar activity Approaching Really maximum. This is evidenced by many factors, such as the aurora borealis observed at low latitudes in May. But experts studying our star are waiting for another phenomenon: Magnetic field inversion The sun, this way, may seem like something unusual and has huge implications for Earth. Nothing could be further from reality, since then It is within the norm The star that ensures our life on this planet. What is interesting is that we are still in the dark about many aspects of the largest source of energy in our solar system.

Study of the sun

when it comes to peak activitywhat happens to our star is indicated Every 11 years, on. The sun’s rhythms are cyclical, and after this stage we witness a new beginning. In general, when a star is more active, there is a greater frequency and intensity of certain phenomena, such as magnetic storms.

Scientists are still unclear about the facts The reasons behind this periodicity. However, over the centuries, collected data have made it possible to identify certain trends, and calculate progress at each cycle. This means, in practical terms, what properties it boasts and what consequences it has for the land.

the Clear evidence They are without a doubt Sunspots. In fact, we have evidence that they were first observed two thousand years ago. In simple terms, it is about points on the surface The sun is where The temperature is cooler Compared to everything around it (the contrast is 5500°C to 3600°C). The amount of spots changes with time, and by observing their direction, it was concluded that their appearance in large numbers coincides with the maximum solar activity.

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Reverse magnetic field

One of the most widespread hypotheses is that sunspots are actually one As a result of what happens in the sun’s “convection zone”.. We are talking about the inner layer, which cannot be directly observed, and which sees the thermal energy produced by the star reach the surface.

The plasma in this region is cooler, denser, and faces outward. As a result, it tends to sink inward, where it heats up and returns to the surface, releasing energy. The amount of energy involved is so large that it also leads to… Formation of strong magnetic fields. These can be produced Unstable in stages of high activityWhich leads to the appearance of spots on the surface of the star.

During periods of maximum solar activity, the magnetic fields coming from the spots are so intense that they reach a magnitude Eliminate the normally existing polarity. This is replaced with a new one, corresponding to the beginning. Simply put, the Sun reverses its magnetic field every 11 years or so.

In 2004, the South Pole had a negative polarity, which almost completely disappeared in 2013, replaced by a positive pole. However, the reversal process is not instantaneous. In fact, it takes a lot of time. In fact, it will be about two years before it is completed.

As for the landWhen the polarity is negative at the North Pole and positive at the South Pole, the field is opposite to that of our planet. This could generate a change in the intensity of solar storms, with strong interference in communications systems, both space and terrestrial. Added to this are more scenic consequences, such as the aurora borealis.

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