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The sun is still exploding: should we worry? Here’s what will happen

Recently, the sun has been emitting powerful flares, spotted and photographed by NASA. No doubt, these are truly magical phenomena, but what consequences can they have on planet Earth? Should we be worried?

The sun is the mother of the solar system, an indispensable source of life. Lately, she seems to be having a really hectic activity. So much so that NASA was able to observe and take amazing pictures of the so-called solar eruptions, that is, of the massive explosions on the surface of our sun. Photos of these phenomena, captured by the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, really leave you breathless for their beauty and power, but at the same time one wonders what consequences such powerful eruptions of the Sun can have on our planet.

The sun explodes –

As mentioned earlier, NASA recently released stunning images of massive eruptions that occurred on the surface of the Sun, namely solar flares. But what is a solar flare?

A solar flare or solar flare is a violent eruption of matter on the surface of the sun. Just to give an idea of ​​the energy, a solar explosion releases energy corresponding to billions of megatons of TNT. This phenomenon creates an outburst of electromagnetic radiation from the solar atmosphere that travels at the speed of light, that is, we can see it at the same moment as it occurs.

These are the most powerful eruptions in our solar system. Therefore, the question arises spontaneously Could solar flares be dangerous for planet Earth?

According to NASA, there is a risk that solar flares will hit our planet, in this case we are talking about solar storms. But this will only happen if the eruptions occur on the side of the Sun facing the Earth. At this point, the effect of solar radiation on the Earth will largely depend on the strength of the eruptions. In fact, flares are classified into five energy classes according to their X-ray brightness: in ascending order A, B, C, M, and X, and each class is ten times more powerful than the previous one.

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the sun explodes
The sun explodes –

However, solar storms are unlikely to cause physical damage. The dangers to our planet from these flares and solar flares are mostly technology related. Indeed, they can have an important impact on radio communications, power grids and navigation signals, but solar flares can hardly be the cause of the end of civilization.