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The summer solstice begins with the longest day of the year – Space and Astronomy


June startsProperty With the The longest day of the yearpermanent 15 hours and 15 minutesFor the year 2024 Summer Solstice Kid ho June 20specifically at It’s 10.51pm Italian timeAccording to what was reported by the Italian Astronomers Union. It’s actually the moment ShoeDuring that The apparent movement in the celestial domeUp to The northernmost locationThen it begins its slow descent again: On this day, our star remains him Maximum number of hours above the horizonwhile the a night It has a duration Shorter than a year.

Specifically on the occasion of the beginning of summer, the Union is planning the initiative ‘welcome summer! Sunday“, a call to organize activities and events throughout Italy on the theme of the sun and the seasons. On June 21, the Spetsini Amateur Astronomers Association organizes a starry sky observation evening specially dedicated to children, at the Monte Veseghi Astronomical Observatory (La Spezia), while the Tuscolana Society plans a Astronomy also for a multimedia presentation in the planetarium and guided tours inside the astronomical park “Livio Gratone” in Rocca di Papa, in the heart of the Castelli Romani park and on the same day it will be possible to observe the sun and, after sunset, the moon thanks to the Ravenna Astrophiles Rheyta Association, organized Also on display under the dome of the Ravenna Planetarium on June 24, to discover the summer constellations.

I Each year the solstice is delayed by approximately 6 hours Compared to before e It is forcibly reorganized every four yearsas it happened in 2024, in com. bestiliIt was introduced specifically to avoid the gradual divergence of seasons with the calendar. Because of these differences, the summer solstice may occur On June 20 or 21. Since this year this phenomenon occurs at 10.51pm, in 2025, adding a 6-hour delay will move it back to June 21st.

to know more ANSA This is how the sun ends the rhythm of the seasons – Space and Astronomy – With apparent annual movement along the ecliptic (ANSA)

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