Monday, July 22, 2024

The storm over Bergoglio, haunting NGOs and Brazil: therefore, today …


– I say so from the interview with the cardinal Walter Caspergradual close to Francis And not popular with the Ratzinger line, one line must be mentioned above all. This: Fr George gansween? “You had better keep quiet. Now is not the time for such things.” The Vatican is on the contrary: a dangerous storm blows over Francis

– It must also be said that Monsignor Ganswein with all his revelations shakes the sacred institution. First, the accusation against Francis that he had “broken Ratzinger’s heart” by banning him from the Latin Mass, and then the shock of his expulsion as Dean of the Papal House. Then again the motions against gender sent by Benedetto and which Bergoglio allegedly ignored. Finally, after admitting to seeing St. Francis’ church “hit a brick wall”.. OK: He may be right, but he said it all a few days before the funeral that it looked like an ambush for the reigning Pope.

– The work of attrition towards it has begun in the conservative wing Francis It became clear now. Also of note is Timothy Broglio, Primate of the Church in North America, where apparently 90% of bishops disapprove of the Pope’s work. Broglio sees Francis in physical “difficulty” and is convinced he can let go: “The fact that he does not celebrate: all are elements missing from the ordinary pastoral work”. As if to say: why don’t you go away? From now on, the conservatives, as you can see, will begin to put pressure on the Vatican more and more, hoping to achieve another resignation. Read this time with a Spanish accent…

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– The government is pointing at non Governmental Organization The outlets are farther than normal. Not Sicily, but Ravenna and Ancona. very good. After all, it is not clear why – if they were safe – ships could not sail with people on board. If they do rescues and are equipped for rescues, what problems do they have to face?

– In France, a feminist association sued her Miss France Because it will discriminate against women by accepting only young women with a height of 1.70 meters. A senseless ideological battle. First: aspiring models will be models, and in order to wear designer clothes you need to be tall, otherwise no one will understand you. Two: take a quick survey of the global universe to understand that “height is half beauty.” They can also accept the minority, but there is no escape: they will lose. It’s called logic, not discrimination.

– the Brazil It’s a mess. Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed parliament, like Trump. I have to be honest, it doesn’t surprise me: perhaps it was us Westerners who paid little attention to the tensions that had been going on in and around São Paulo for weeks. Rightly or wrongly, assault remains unacceptable: protest is all right until it turns into rebellion. Then there are no more excuses.

– Soft day, short column. see you tomorrow


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