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The storm justifies itself (you had better shut up)


Damiano David’s girlfriend has been criticized for walking the Venice red carpet

Cinema is boring, it is better to do something else. Logic is signed by the poet and the photographer Giorgia Soleri, This is a friend Damiano David (president manskin). Well, no complaints, everyone has their own tastes. What is certain is that after you say something like that you will appear on red carpet subordinate Venice Film Festival, Someone may criticize you and call you inconsistent. And this is exactly what happened in the last days of the writer who, after receiving a barrage of blame on social media platforms, tried to justify herself, aggravating her situation.

Manskin’s girlfriend Damiano David was overwhelmed by criticism after walking the red carpet in Venice

“Do you like cinema?”A fan asked Soleri, a few months ago, in the question box on Instagram. The girl replied with a firm “no”, arguing with her thoughts: “No, not at all, unfortunately, it’s language that boring me. I really think I’m the only person I’ve ever known who despairs when someone says ‘Should we see a movie?'”. In short, the seventh art does not come down to the poetess, she does not like it. In fact, it would be better to use the “incomplete”: she does not like cinema. Oh yeah, since now he seems to have changed his mind, he’s been walking the red carpet and even going to see a three-hour movie, “Bardo,” the award-winning Mexican director’s work. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

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But why was Soleri called A Parade on the red carpet in Venice? To represent a famous brand champagne. Overwhelmed by criticism and after returning from Madrid (in the Spanish capital, she went to catch up on a concert manskin), the photographer appeared on social media and tried to justify:

“I just got back from the Venice Film Festival, it was an incredible emotion and a great experience! […] Anyone who’s been following me for a while knows that I’m not a fan of cinema. I like technical languages ​​that require a portion of one’s experience to be able to fully understand it. But I was born as a photographer, so the few films that got me excited had a great picture. […] Because of my bias towards cinema I was afraid of not enjoying the movie 100%, but I was surprised and not bored for even a second despite three hours of the movie (Bardo, editor).”

Perhaps it would be better to remain silent. If a person does not really like movies, he can stay at home. Or he could say, after all, that appearances and notoriety are tempting. Lots of gluttony. Thus, if there is a possibility to put your feet on the desired red carpet, for example the Venice carpet and perhaps as a testament to some brand, you can also overcome the “sensitivity” of cinema. It could have been sarcastic, but it is undoubtedly something worth appreciating. patience!