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The state contract after signing comes with increases of up to 117 euros and arrears of up to 1,800 euros

The state contract after signing comes with increases of up to 117 euros and arrears of up to 1,800 euros

Monday white smoke on the new decade of 225 thousand government employees from ministries, tax authorities and non-economic entities, including Inps and Inail: It is the three-year period 2019-2021 and actually recognizes around €1,800 of the average arrears, plus Total contractual increase from 63 to 117 euros for the administrative assistant tranche.

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The contract got the green light from the Court of Audit, after which Aran (the agency for negotiating representation of public administrations) and trade unions was able to pass the final signature. Pre-agreement on central functions Signed on December 21.

Therefore, the expected increases are on the way: an average of 105 euros for 13 months, to which is added an advantage equivalent to another 20 euros per month (the latter thanks to the additional resources allocated in the budget law of 2022 to finance the new professional system and bypassing the constraints of increasing decentralized resource resources). The contractual increase rises to a total of 117 euros for the administrative assistant tranche.

The hypothesis on the table is that increases as well as arrears can arrive in the paycheck in June, even if an unusual forecast is already planned for May, however, there is still uncertainty. The Minister of Public Administration indicated that the incoming increases and arrears represent “a breath of fresh air for workers, at a time characterized by a general rise in prices.” Renato Brunetta, Marking the signature.

In addition to the economic level, there are many innovations also at the organizational level, starting with open jobs. In addition to focusing on training public sector workers, the agreement provides for a The fourth field, i.e. “the field of high professionalism”. Where highly qualified personnel will be placed, along with the other three occupational areas (operators area, assistants area, officers area). There is also a regulation of agile work, with reference to bargaining and individual agreement stipulating the duration and an indication of the days to be carried out in and out of the workplace, the times of rest and the worker’s exit.

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Unions are convinced they are talking about an “innovative” agreement and are now aiming to close other public contracts and advance staff development. “An innovative contract that recognizes rights and appropriate economic recognition for workers in central jobs but addresses, above all, the question of the review of legal systems and the promotion of professionalism, along with the conclusion of contracts for agile work,” commented: National Secretary of FP-CGIL, Florindo Oliveriothe Confederate Secretary of the CGIL, Tania Scachetti. Secretary General of the CISL-FP Consortium, Maurizio Petricholi He added that, “With wage inflation declining and the economic crisis exacerbated by the conflict in the heart of Europe, we need to speed up the signing of all public contracts, in order to establish new occupational and economic bonuses for all workers. Who, in recent years, have played a frontline role in the fight against Covid.” , especially in the health and social health and social welfare centers of our country, and with them, in all the institutions and local administrations that represent the presence of the state in our regional societies.”

Secretary of the Federation of Workers and Public Jobs (FLP), Marco CharlemagneHowever, he pointed the finger at the amount of the increases: “Certainly we cannot be content with salary increases in the strict sense of the word, also given inflation that has begun to rise again in recent months, nor with the postponement of government maneuvers, which are delaying every possible final signature to postpone Payment of arrears. However, he stressed the positive features that prompted FLP to sign this contract: “We are satisfied with the innovative potential of this contract. Complementary negotiation of new contractual institutions can lead to modernization of the state’s organizational structure that brings good results by workers, employees and companies.”

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