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The Squid-inspired reality show goes as normal as you might think

The Squid-inspired reality show goes as normal as you might think

according to Hollywood ReportersThis week, a small number of contestants reportedly required medical attention as cameras panned out in the real-life version of the popular “Red Light, Green Light” game. The anomalous cold snap affecting the UK, the country hosting the reality show, appears to have caused problems for some competitors, given the sub-zero temperatures. The news filtered so far suggests that about five people have required treatment, notably that a competitor was going to suffer shoulder damage after a close encounter with a wall. Anyway, Netflix denied the news that stretchers were necessary.

The production reported that the doctors are constantly on hand for all shootings. A Netflix spokesperson also told the site The deadlines that “the production is extremely concerned for the health and safety of the contestants and staff” and that “even if the cold on the set is severe—which the participants know and are in a position to cope with—any news of problems or serious injury is unfounded.” The series includes the participation of 456 contestants, and the percentage of injuries seems minimal and not alarming, but it certainly does not bode well for a reality program that takes the series, which was in its time, with the scent of controversy.

Indeed, already in 2021, the news that Netflix wants to create its own tournament is similar Squid game It hit several people. The original series was born as an examination of inequalities and to show what you can do to get yourself and your loved ones out of debt. Games that followed each other ring after ring were orchestrated by the elite, happy that the less affluent had killed each other in a corrupt form of sport. The original series, steeped in despair, climaxes in tragic fashion. The idea of ​​Netflix, which seems to ignore much of the narrative to focus on the fun (yes, in short, the killer) part, seems to ignore context and risks being a misstep.

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However, the portrayal Squid Game: Challenge Follow along and the reality show could be available to users as early as February. Fortunately, these 456 contestants won’t risk their lives if they make a wrong move by playing “One, two, three star!” , while they would definitely have to cover up better if they wanted to finish filming unharmed.