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The shocking video of Spanish students insulting their colleagues at the university

The shocking video of Spanish students insulting their colleagues at the university

The storm in Spain, after a video spread on social networks showing dozens of young people staying in a university dormitory in Madrid insulting students staying at a neighboring boarding school. Condemnation of Prime Minister Sanchez: “We cannot tolerate these behaviors that breed hatred and attack women.”

The video, posted on TikTok, showing the screaming Spanish students, was outraged all over the world. sexual insults from college rooms Madrid for university friends.

“Putas ninfómanas”, Students shout (all male) Elias Ahuja College For new students from girl’s college Santa Monica Madrid. The two buildings are located opposite each other and are part of a very prestigious building Complutense University Madrid.

But the insults do not end there. “We promise you all will go find out what’s in the bull arena,” one hears a shout from someone audio guide Then the rest of the college members followed, chanting “Vamos ahuja!”

In fact, the rest of the students raised the shutters of their rooms and in an instant, the whole building was lit up and in every window the black silhouettes of four screaming boys appeared. stadium choirs.

The Prime Minister also spoke about this Pedro Sanchez, who condemned manly behavior.

“I appeal to all parties and the media to give a unified, broad and common response to reject these inexplicable and unjustified macho behaviors. We cannot tolerate these behaviors that generate Dislikes and attacking women. In particular painful He sees that the heroes of the film are young people, ”he said on Twitter.

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But the indignation of the entire Spanish political world expressed its indignation.

Meanwhile, the dormitory apologized, expressing it condemnation He explained, in a press release, that the bylaws state that “in serious cases, such as this one,” eviction.

Therefore, the disciple who had initiated the verbal aggression was expelled, but there is still no news of the others whether they were the subject of any action or not.

The boarding school administration spoke to the boy’s parents and gave them 24 hours to find another place to stay. An internal process will now open in which the student must be heard. The Madrid Public Prosecutor’s Office has also opened an investigation into the facts.