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The shock charge and the video that nailed the killer

The shock charge and the video that nailed the killer

It was Mi Quinn Chung killing and cut off his head. The culprit, at least according to the indictment, would be her friend Gemma Mitchell, known through the church. Motivation? Allocate money from the will, which was to be used to renovate the house. It is one of the most interesting thriller films for me United kingdom. The accused deniesGenocidebut the evidence (for now) seems to prove it.

He died in the street in a brawl in the pub. He was 27 years old: “He went out to help a friend”

They buy a house for half a million pounds, then the shocking discovery: ‘It’s a nightmare’

the case

Mai Quen Chong, a 67-year-old of Asian descent living in London, was killed in 2021. Some tourists found her headless body in the woods. The killer tried to get rid of her but his plan did not work. The case, which was discussed in court, shed light on the offender. Gemma Mitchell, 38, is a former orthopedist and devout Christian who allegedly killed Chung and made his wish for money (£200,000) to pay for home renovations.

install video

To confirm the prosecution’s hypothesis, television surveillance camera images emerged, which showed the 38-year-old leaving the victim’s house with a large blue bag “containing her body”. Reject the charges against the sender. Ms Chung has been described as weak and prone to erratic behavior and was referred to a mental health team after sending letters to then-Prince Charles and Boris Johnson.

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