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"The ship hit...".  The battle at sea and the pride of Odessa

“The ship hit…”. The battle at sea and the pride of Odessa

It is the fourth most populous city in Ukraine, with a population of about one million, it is also the main port of the country. These two reasons will be sufficient to understand the fundamental strategic importance of Odessaready to be attacked by the Russians.

Russian ship stationed

Here an incident occurred that could foreshadow the military developments following the entire conflict. According to reports from the Ukrainian Navy on Facebook, one Russian ship Stationed in the Black Sea, retreated after being hit Ukrainian forces Who defend the Odessa region. “The enemy has withdrawn again”, as stated in the publication. Although the United States does not consider a Russian amphibious attack on the city imminent, the described action confirms that the Ukrainians have no intention of giving up an inch of their territory.

In short, Kyiv’s highlight, but Odessa represents the second major front that is being watched very closely. The reason will be told soon. In the event that Russia manages to overcome it, in fact, it will remove all outlets on the sea Kyiv. Not only that: Moscow will close one of the main ports from which it departs and the vast majority of its imports and exports arrive by sea.

The city has been in an atmosphere of anticipation for days. And always for days, there were skirmishes that could soon give life to real skirmishes battle No holds barred. We recall one of the most recent episodes: a Russian missile attack from the Black Sea on the Ukrainian settlement of Tuzla, located about 173 kilometers southwest of Odessa. No injuries were reported following the attack, although regional authorities said the attack affected critical infrastructure.

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warm faces

In the past hours, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He repeatedly warned that the Russians were almost ready to strike Odessa. “It can happen at any time”, confirmed a local official. In the city on the border with Moldova, there were reports of an increase in military checkpoints and largely empty roads. Already one hundred thousand residents have fled, and they are still setting up shelters.

there Ukrainian NavyOn the other hand, he urged the residents of Odessa and the whole region to stay away from the coast. This was reported by the Ukrainian News Agency UNIAN Recalling fears of a possible amphibious landing of the Russian forces. “We ask you not to travel to the coast of the Odessa region. It is dangerous for your life! We urge fishermen and boat owners not to move near the shores of the Odessa region, so as not to endanger themselves in possible fires and minefields!‘, in the message.

In all this struggle also continues other fronts. In the center of the country, Ansa asserts that the Russians destroyed the Vinnytsia airport, but above all, it is an alarm in Kyiv, they want to control the dam of the Kanev hydroelectric power station. Another key to victory is by leaving the nation in the dark, as evidenced by the invasion of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. From Moscow, the Ministry of Defense claimed that “Practically all air forces were destroyedThe Ukrainians, while Kyiv responded by claiming that it had shot down about a hundred enemy planes and helicopters.

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