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The Secret to Saving in a Current Account: Look for Details

The Secret to Saving in a Current Account: Look for Details

According to the latest surveys of the Bank of Italy, on average Bank account It costs about 90.2 euros per year, while one of them opens online only 21.4 euros. A number, among other things, reduced compared to 2019. This is not trivial information, which leads to a certain interest on the part of users. In fact, the difference between classic bank accounts and online accounts is significant.

Calculation of the bill, in fact, “It stands at a much lower level than traditional bank accounts: the gap of just under 70 euros‘, he explains Bank of Italywhich determines,”It is mainly derived from a cheaper tariff structure, and not from the different configuration of the basket of services used“.

If we look at the different expenditure components, the difference will be for i Basic Fee to stand out more. This is due to two main factors: a lower percentage of customers to pay (47.5% online customers versus 70% for traditional accounts) and a lower amount of basic fees for joint accounts at the branch. Not only. What makes the difference is also a lower cost of issuing and managing payment cards, and a more encouraging profile regarding variable expenses (accounting costs, ATM withdrawals, bank transfers, and automatic payments). “For online accounts, the increase in fixed fees is less pronounced than the corresponding decrease in variable costs“Indeed, the Bank of Italy points out, as I reported

Just like the usual checking account, a drop in online accounts has also been observed Transactions Done, except for wire transfers. However, spending on core fees has increased.

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So how can you spend less? In the current accounts of traditional banks, the increase in fixed expenses in most cases is due to the basic fee, while variable expenses It tends to go down as a result of fewer customers at the counter due to the period of health emergency we are facing. Otherwise, in fact, there was an increase in expenses equal to 2 euros per year.

If you do not have an online checking account, you can still try this to save money on commission costs. In addition to resorting to computer channels, bills can be localized and withdrawals can always be made with an ATM card, and not with a credit card, and even better if it is in the distributors of your credit institution (thereby avoiding commission costs). Another tip is not to exceed the limit agreed with the bank, and not to go into debt.