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The secret shortcut to Infamous City is wrong, don’t fall for it –

The secret shortcut to Infamous City is wrong, don’t fall for it –

Evil spirits It’s an incredible game, we all understand that by now, and over the years, fans have searched every nook and cranny to find all the secrets. After nearly a decade, it seems unbelievable that she’s that big Secret Her connection to Bad Town was discovered by chance. Actually, it’s a file fake.

Since yesterday, a new secret shortcut has been circulating on the network that allows the player to pass through Fire League Shrine (i.e. the first axis in the Lordran of Dark Souls, from which multiple roads depart) right at the entrance to the Quelaag Range, in the swamp below the infamous city. The video that you can see below has been reported from various sources, but it is fake and should not be believed. Here is the video.

Analysis At the speed of the video, we can see multiple items. First of all, the video maker starts dropping the necklace on the floor: a clear symbol of how all we’re about to see is a joke (the necklace, if you don’t know it, is a Dark Souls object with no use in playing: players have been trying for years to find a terrifying purpose for it It is now an internal meme).

Second, we can see that the player shoots arrows and uses them as a clue to find invisible platforms. Such as platforms It does not exist in Dark Souls and was added by the creator. Also, after this, the controlled fall spell is activated and the character drops into the void.

First, doomed fall Do not cancel fall damage in this way (above twenty meters does not activate, and in no case does not cancel 100% of the damage). Additionally, Dark Souls does not allow you to dash from the Firebound Shrine to Infamous City – the area below, although visible, hasn’t actually been charged. If you jump into it, the character simply dies in the air and returns to the fire.

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Also, the creator of this video often shares wrong abbreviationsClearly, some of them are absurd. You can see an example below.

Evil spirits There may still be some secrets, but care must be taken to believe every video shared online. Regardless of old games and looking to the future, we suggest you read our special for Elden Ring: All the know-how from software for a more special game than ever.